Patience Has Its Rewards

I went to the local Walgreens to pick up Christmas photos and a Texas Roadhouse gift card. They did not have Roadhouse gift cards but they did have my 100 photos, and I might add that they were very nicely printed. That Walgreens does a great job with prints.

But I still needed the gift card. So I decided to go to Texas Roadhouse since they might also have a nice presentation folder for the card too. They did. They also had a special place inside the door for people buying gift cards. I got there at just about the right time since I was only three deep in the line with more people getting in line behind me.

Just as the lady in front of me was handed her receipt, the waitress knocked the credit card machine off the counter and parts went flying. I stepped up to first place in line and waited while she put the machine back together. But it failed to work. She tried several more times to no avail. Meanwhile more people were getting in line.

Eventually, the manager came over to work on the machine. She could not get it to work either. Another manager went to work on the machine, just as unsuccessfully. I can hear the people behind me shifting and muttering but not as audibly as the manager’s comment: “I’m gonna lose a thousand dollars in gift card sales.”

Twenty minutes later, she succeeded. The manager ran my transaction and handed me the gift card in its presentation folder. Then she gave me a $5 off coupon. I figured this was a way of making up for the twenty-minute wait. But no; they were giving those coupons to anyone who bought their gift card at the restaurant, instead of another store like Walgreens. Then she handed me a voucher for twenty dollars on my next purchase and thanked me being the only person who waited.

I turned around and found myself alone in line. When I turned back to her she added, “And you didn’t say anything nasty to me either. I appreciate that.”

What do you say to that but, “Thank you.” And, “Merry Christmas!”

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