Corinne’s Ploys

I’m with my granddaughter today so her Dad can do some real estate business. It was pretty obvious she was ready for a nap so we talked for awhile and watched the cars and nature out the front window (she likes that). After she rubbed her eyes and gave other signs of being sleepy, I laid her down. But she wasn’t having it. She stuck her lower lip out, looked at me for a response (I laughed), and then she wailed.

I gave her a chance to settle down but then she got to me so, of course, I picked her up. What a wimp; I’d never have done that with my kids.

We talked awhile longer and watched some more out the window. Then I laid her down again. Maybe she thought she couldn’t use the same ploy again. Maybe she was just more ready to nap. Whatever the reason, this is what she did to stay awake longer…

But she finally fell asleep, which is why I have the space to post this video.

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  1. Mark Post author

    Doh! She’s waking up…2 hrs plus. That’s pretty good for a nipper-nap.

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