ESV Study Bible Update

Susan received her ESV-SB hardcover yesterday. Scott got his ESV-SB Trutone too. Scott said, “That Study Bible is like having Jesus right there with you.” From down the hall, we heard Brad say, “He is, Scott.”

My calfskin ESV-SB won’t ship until next week. Besides using it in my devotional reading with Susan, I look forward to reading all of the text and notes next year as my church reads through the Bible chronologically. We’ll see how good the binding is that way. 😉

My old, leather NASB that I purchased from the local American Bible Society representative back in 1974 or ’75 and used “religiously” for years has held up well but some (evidently favorite) pages from John and Acts are loose and the binding between John and Revelation detached years ago. If it had remained my primary Bible (which none do for long) it may have crumbled by now. Of all the Bibles I’ve had over the years, I used that NASB longer than any. Maybe this ESV-SB will now take the lead. I doubt it though since I really like my ESV Journalling Bible.


  1. Austin

    I’m a bit new to the ESV but picked up one of their study Bibles; Faux leather of some sort. I really like the translation and the notes seem fairly balanced and accurate. (If that makes sense)

    The maps, charts and tables are excellent. No translation is perfect of course and I have stumbled upon a couple verses where I didn’t like the rendering,1 but on the whole it’s swiftly becoming my main translation.

    1 Acts 13:39; Gen 11:2a

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