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Susan gave me an iPod for Christmas. It was a total surprise and a great gift. At first, I didn’t think it was a gift for me. However, as usual, she listens to me better than I hear myself. For some time, I have been downloading sermons from SermonAudio.com. I have transferred some of them to CD and tried listening in the car when I travel. It hasn’t worked out too well. Travel distance isn’t too far for me (typically less than a mile at a time and when further, it’s with folks I’m talking with so listening to a CD is out of the question). Needless to say, I haven’t listened to much. I tried often to listen to a reading of Luther’s Bondage of the Will but the reading is poor so I gave up. Other than that, I haven’t listened to much.

After figuring out how to make iPod playlists that will synch with my Nano, I have listened this afternoon to two messages by Leland Ryken that I’ve wanted to hear for months. One is “Words of Delight: The Bible as Literature” and the other, “What You Need to Know About English Bible Translations.” I haven’t been this enthused about learning since seminary. In fact, if I write about what I am listening to and discuss it with Susan and others (a given), it will be very much like seminary.

I have started downloading other messages, getting them ready for playlisting. It feels a bit like picking out classes for next semester.

Christmas was great for other reasons too. Besides delivering for Operation Merry Christmas with the Graham Police Department and having a beautiful Christmas Eve service at church and some friends over afterwards (and lovely family dinner before prepared by Susan), the gang was in for Christmas late Monday morning. Mim and Dan, Cristin and Matt and his mom, Joyce, Susan’s mom, my mom and step-dad, Susan and me (and Baba, Heidi, Gracie, and Pax).

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  1. Cristin

    Hoo-ray! I’m glad you enjoy it so much. Let me know how you like the movie feature. I assume it’s awesome but I haven’t used that for mine yet. My tunes take up all the space;)

    If you ever do want to get a hook-up for the car, I suggest NOT getting the FM transmitter. Ick. They don’t work (my experience) and they’re fragile (Mim’s experience).

    Go for either a hardwire (~$100) or spend $30 for a tape-deck wire that plugs into your headphone jack ($10, Wal-Mart) and a cig lighter charger ($20, Wal-Mart). That’s the set-up I have and I love because I can use it in either car.

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