Merry Christmas 2007

The big news at our house this year was that Miriam married Dan Vines on September 2nd. Our thanks to many of you who made the trip from near and far to celebrate that day with them. Dan is the Assistant Manager for Gamestop in Randleman and Miriam is Staff Assistant for “Duke in New York.” She was excited to make the move from the Education Department since it gives her the opportunity to do something more directly connected to her studies at Wittenberg. More importantly, it gives her the chance to go to New York twice a year. Dan and Mim both enjoy working with the children at church. They live with their dog and two cats here in Graham.

Cristin and Matthew celebrated their third wedding anniversary this year. Cristin still works with “Information Science and Information Studies” at Duke. Matt is a realtor with Peak, Swirles & Cavallito Properties. They are both active at New Hope Church in Durham where Matt plays guitar with the worship team. They live in Durham with their two cats.

Susan has worked four years now as the Administrative Business Manager for the Dean of Arts and Sciences at Duke, totaling more than 17 years with the university. Her heart is in Graham though, where she enjoys the community and plays piano for worship. She has added to the upcoming Christmas Eve service music by involving the voices of two adults, one youth, and the children of the church. I can’t wait to hear them all. She is a big help to me both musically and as an encourager. I might have given up a long time ago except for her advice and support.

Susan’s mother, Mary, moved here from Ohio this year. She is active in the church too, faithfully attending Sunday School and finding a front row seat for worship each Sunday.

I am in my eighth year as Pastor of Graham Friends Church and have been the Chaplain to the city’s police officers for half of that time. This past year, God saw fit to bless the church with lots of children and doubled the size of our congregation. I joined Rotary at the end of last year and was voted Rotarian of the Year in Graham…where we no longer live with our children but with a dog and three cats.

Mark and Susan Ryman
Baba, Gracie, Pax & Kepha
Graham, North Carolina


  1. Mark Post author

    Kepha is Aramaic for “rock.” Good guess though…except that her personality is hardly loving, is it? I named the kitty Kepha because she walks back and forth between the church and the parsonage on the rocks bordering the flower beds. BTW, Kepha is what Jesus calls Peter in “The Passion of the Christ.”

  2. Cristin

    Hmm, I got the love translation from you. You must have said rock too but I latched onto the love part because you already have grace and peace.

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