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Consider using them as bulletin cover images or in your blog. You may use them freely. The page begins with a video compilation of my own photography/design put to my music


donne-litanyOriginal image

mark6-50Original image

mark4-39Original image

mark4-3Original image

1corinthians4-10Original image

augustine-comprehendOriginal image

1john5-13Original image


1john3-16Original image

1peter1-8Original image

john10-7bOriginal image

1john1-7Original image


2timothy2-16Original image

hebrews11-1bOriginal image

augustine-woeOriginal image

hebrews8-12Original image

hebrews4-12Original image

1kings19-12 Original image

psalm139-1 Original image

revelation19-13 Original image

fixed Original image

ephesians2-14 Original image

tyndale-numbers Original image

tyndale-understand Original image





john1-5-tyndale Original image

wycliffe-sheep Original image

nicene Original image


kempis Original image

john10-9 Original image

pray-bunyan Original image

scriptum-estOriginal image 

revelation21-23Original photo by Eric Swensson

absolutionOriginal image



psalm148-3Original photo by Eric Swensson

brown-breadOriginal image

isaiah1-18Original photo by Eric Swensson

Original photo by Eric Swensson

greatest-giftOriginal painting by Andrea Mantegna

mathew11-28Original photo by Peggy Hoppes, San Antonio, Texas


acts4-12Original photo by Andrea Pavanello

isaiah60-1Original photo by ForestWander


luke1-47Original photo by Vivekvaibhavroy

1john3-2bOriginal photo by Johann Jaritz

romans15-13Original photo by kconnors


isaiah11-5Original photo by Alvimann

john8-12The midnight sun in Nordkapp, Norway by Yan Zhang



revelation21-23Original photo by NASA

revelation12-11Texture from Tanakawho

romans13-12Original photo by rjshiflet

psalm122-2Original photo by Eitan



1john1-9Original photo by Dagny Mol

philippians4-12Original photo by Melodi2

psalm32-4Original photo by Molinovski

2samuel12-13Original photo by David Shankbone

Original photo by James Cridland

proverbs8-27Original photo from Hubble


john3-16Original photo by Jesse van Kalmthout


john14-15bOriginal painting by Carl von Weinberg



genesis3-15Original photo by mzsu


2corinthians4-16Original photo by krosseel

2corinthians4-17bOriginal photo by Shakespeare

acts14-15Original photo by The Tire Zoo

2peter-5Original photo by clarita 


james4-6 Original photo by phaewilk

2corinthians6-16a Original photo by Mike Lewinski

2corinthians6-16 Original photo from Hagia Sophia on Wikimedia 

john10-28 Original photo by RHaynes


revelation7-14 Original photo by Georges Jansoone







numbers6-25-26 Original photo by krosseel 

genesis28-16 Original photo by clconroy

john10-7 Original photo by greenfinger

john21-1 Original photo by Seemann

Click for desktop background. Illuminated parchment of the Apocalypse by Martinus, c. 1086 

psalm30-1 Original photo by jschumacher

job23-10 Painting of Masada by Edward Lear

philippians3-10 Original sketch by Hans Holbein, the Younger 



isaiah38-17 Original photo by ThreelByBike


psalm126-3 Original photo by Yousef T. Omar 

isaiah43-19 Original photo by seriousfun 



psalm18-2 Original photo by Eric Swensson


psalm63-1 Original photo by jppi

guillerand Photo is of paper made by Cristin Ryman Paul

psalm4-6 Original photo by Nbyte

psalm103-12 Original photo by jeltovski 

1peter4-6 Original photo by edouardo 

bear-christ Original photo by xandert

psalm50-15 Original photo by Eric Swensson

psalm124-8 Original photo by Leigh Ann Taylor 

luke9-35 Original photo by David Berkowitz


john14-9 Original photo by mobi_nukem


psalm99-5 Original photo by Keoni Cabral

psalm119-18 Original photo by Gautam Dogra 

Click for desktop background. Original photo by Cali4beach

Click for desktop background.



1corinthians15-20 Original photo by Amy Halverson 


psalm1-2 Original photo by Crowbared 

jeremiah17-8 Original photo by Daniel Zaas

john15-20 Original photo by Jean-Marie Hullot 

matthew7-23 Original photo from Wikipedia

holy-is-your-name Original photo by mrehan 

luke5-4 Original photo by kconnors 


1corinthians15-10 Original photo by Roy Lathwell 

betrays Original photo at Wikimedia

psalm138-8 Original photo by Suri 

isaiah6-3a Original photo by Charles Klegg

matthew24-44 Original image by Official US Navy Page 

matthew17-27 Original photo by seriousfun

luke17-6 Original photo by Tark Siala

luke7-50 Original photo of statue in People’s Park in Talisay, Philippines by The Wandering Angel 

psalm71-3 Original photo on Fotopedia

colossians3-2 Original photo by Arun Kulshreshtha

Click for desktop background. Original photo from Wikimedia


2timothy3-14 Original photo by Maria Ly

1corinthians6-10 Original photo by timgears

solas Original photo at Wikipedia

isaiah61-1 Original photo is of the great Isaiah scroll from the Dead Sea Scrolls

1corinthians12-13 Original photo by Laszlo Ilyes 

psalm19-14 Original photo of Irish sword by Søren Niedziella 

nehemiah8-8 Original photo by Tom of a postcard of the world’s smallest Bible


revelation1-8 Original photo by Poulpy

matthew10-7 Original photo by Praveen Venugopal 

luke7-23 Original photo by Ken Lund

1corinthians12-7 Original photo by Cohdra

psalm36-5 Original photo by Chi King

isaiah62-4 Original photo by Dave

matthew10-28 Original photo from Wikipedia 


exodus14-15 Original photo by Schick 

1cor1-18 Original photo by Taliesin

deuteronomy6-4 Luca Rossetti da Orta, “The Holy Trinity” fresco St. Gaudenzio Church at Ivrea 

james4-10 Original photo by Henning Leweke

psalm121-5Original photo by kamuelaboy

mark10-14 Painting by Lucas Cranach the elder 

heavenward Original photo by Chilombiano

ezekiel34-11 Original photo by Victor M. Vicente Selvas

psalm26-2 Original photo by Blackbird

isaiah53-11 Original photo by Joanna Bourne 

galatians2-20 Original photo by Damian Gadal

acts27-43 Original photo by trialsanderrors


philippians2-8 Original photo by edouardo 

luke14-28 Original photo by kconnors


james3-8 Original photo by Jade

batter Original photo by Far Closer

john21-19 Original photo by mr_write



romans3-23 Original photo by Herbert Ortner

The Great White Throne in Zion National Park

galatians6-15-16 Original photo by demondimum

matthew26-26Original photo by mconnors

james2-12 Original photo by doctor_bob

philippians3-20 Original photo by Schristia

john14-15 Original photo by Kai Schreiber



luke13-24 Original photo by wintersixfour

luke10-21 Original photo by Rich Niewiroski Jr. 


song2-11 Original photo by Brazilian

1samuel16-7Original photo by BBoomerinDenial

john1-14 Original photo is of the sunrise over the South Pacific Ocean by NASA Expedition 35 

ephesians 6-10 Original photo by krosseel

john6-69 Original photo by xololounge


Statue of Moses in Prag vor der Altneusynagoge, Photo by Buchhändler.

1kings8-15 Original photo by Xandert.

hebrews6-19 Original photo by Kesh.

psalm57-8 Original photo by jesus-is-lord.


romans5-5 Original photo by Lucky_005.

john6-56 Original photo by John Snyder.





Click for desktop background Original photo from Wikimedia Commons




luther-lena Original photo by Dave

exodus20-12 Original photo by David Berkowitz

luke4-20 Original photo by Carl Wycoff

Click for desktop background.

genesis2-24 Original photo by Jeff Belmonte

john6-29 Original photo by Darnok 

ephesians4-10 NASA photo by D. Barrado y Navascua 

Click for desktop background. Original photo by Miaow Miaow

psalm51-11 Original photo by Chelle

mark4-35 Original photo by jppi

the-way Original photo by Ana C. Golpe

luke11-9 Original photo by mconnors 

psalm14-2 Original photo by imelenchon

little-much Original image by hotblack

exodus16-7 Original photo by jeanniet6

luther-see Original photo by kconnors

herbert-jesu Original photo by GBH

psalm89-26 Original photo by Crimson Soul

herbert-glorie Original photo by Danielito

2sam7-9 Original photo by Noboru

galatians5-22-23 Original photo by Osho

luke12-40 Original photo of sunrise from the International Space Station  

genesis18-14 Original photo by Vinoth Chandar

matthew11-28 Original photo by Kate Dixon

herbert-first-acquaintance Original photo by Jo Naylor

threat Original photo by Dvidshub

ephesians1-7 Original photo by Ian Sane



Original photo by kelsey_lovefusionphoto’s

john1-29 Painting by Francisco de Zurbarán

psalm24-7 Original photo by Brian Smithson

melancthon01 Original photo by Fady Habib

luke10-26 Original photo by Bejinhan

gandhi Original photo by Jens Rost

Original photo by Tony Fischer

2corinthians12-9 Original photo by Steve Hillebrand

Original photo by Peter van der Sluijs

psalm48-1 Original photo by Kevin Dooley

Click for desktop background Original photo: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio. The Blue Marble data is courtesy of Reto Stockli (NASA/GSFC. Laura Rocchio (NASA/GSFC).

psalm62-2 Original photo by Michal Osmenda



Original photo by Marcus Obal

Original photo by Luigi Chiesa

Original photo by Laurence Simon.

Original art from the catacombs of Rome

Original photo by SLR Jester

Original photo by semihundido

Original photo by Alex Proimos

Original photo by runeng

1581 edition of the Geneva Bible

F/A-18 Hornet breaking the sound barrier

Click for desktop background Original photo by Pål Berge

Original photo by Adam Baker

Original photo by Dirk van der Made

Original photo 

Original image on Wikipedia

Château de Quéribus

Original photo by Marianne Perdomo

2cor12-9 Original photo © Copyright Rossographer and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Moses” by Philippe de Champaigne (1602–1674)

1samuel17-47 Original photo by Justin McIntosh

Original photo by Derrich

Original photo by Hans

Click for desktop backgroundOriginal photo by Thomas Quine

Original photo

Original photo by Margaret Clough

Original photo by Ed Yourdon

Original image by Cindy Funk

Original photo by mrhayata

Original photo from Fotopedia

Original photo by Oliver Dixon

Painting by Philippe de Champagne

Original photo from Fotopedia

Original photo by Sean Hobson

Original photo from Wikimedia Commons

Earthrise from Apollo 8

Original Photo of the Dexter Mausoleum in Cincinnati, OH

Original photo from Wikimedia

Original photo by Phil Sangwell

Original image by C. Jill Reed

Lake Janaluska, NC

Stained glass at Organ Lutheran Church, Salisbury, NC

Original photo from Wikimedia Commons

Cemetery at the old Organ Lutheran Church, Salisbury, NC

Original photo from Wikimedia Commons

Original photo from Wikimedia

Original photo from Fotopedia

Original art by Marcus Larson

Original photo by Adam Baker licensed by Creative Commons

Wyclif giving the “Poor Priests” his translation of the Bible

Original photo from Wikimedia

Original photo from Wikimedia

Original photo rights from by Anita RitenourCreative Commons

Original photo is in the public domain.

Original image from Wikimedia

Christus Statue by Midiman

Original photo courtesy: NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center

Carving on Chancel rail at Organ Lutheran Church, Salibsury, NC

Original photo from Wikimedia 

1john4-10 Original photo from Wikimedia

Original image from Fotopedia

Original image from Wikimedia

Original photo from Fotopedia

Original photo from Fotopedia

genesis22-8 Original photo in the public domain.

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