The Calm in the Storm


Genesis 43:1-15; Mark 4:35-41

From the Reformer

Now this is no longer the work of a weak or merely natural human being, like the work of resting and sleeping in the ship. Men cannot command the wind and sea; neither do these obey any human being. But this One, like a mighty lord, threatens the wind and waves of the sea with a single finger, and everything must fall still. Therefore, this work also proves this article: that Christ is true God and has divine power and authority as Lord over all creatures, over wind, waves, sea, and the devil himself.

—Martin Luther, Luther’s Works, vol 58, p 412

Pulling It Together

The storms of life are always raging, and the Prince of Peace is always with you. Sometimes, he calms the storm, but when he does not, he is the calm in the storm. He illustrates this by napping while the storm rages. You want God to quiet the tempests in your life, while he expects you to be at peace with him in the midst of whatever assails you now, as well as what awaits you on the other side of your journey. This requires faith.

Israel, whose new name means “persevere with God,” was assaulted by the loss of children, magnified by the fear that he may lose the rest of his children to famine. Finally, perhaps over a period of two years, he hoped in God: “May God Almighty grant you mercy.” (Gen 43:14)

Whatever the storms may be that assail you, no matter how long they have been raging, Jesus is in the storm tossed boat with you. Have faith in the One who commands creation with a word or two. Slopa! Pephimoso! As he speaks to the storm, may it be as if he were actually speaking to you: “Peace! Be still!” (Mark 4:39)

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