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Daily Reform, 1 Kings 21:1-16

From the Reformer

On the 15th of April, 1539, certain positions, printed at Leipzig, were sent to Luther, wherein John Hammer subtly maintained that the law concerned the Christians nothing at all; he also divided repentance into three parts, and said: The Jews had one kind of repentance, the Gentiles another kind, and the Christians a third. Whereupon Luther said: Who could have ever thought such extravagant spirits should come? `Tis an utter and mischievous error, to distinguish repentance according to persons, whereas there is only one kind of repentance given to all mankind, seeing that all, one as well as another, have angered and offended one only God, whether Jews, Gentiles, or Christians. `Tis as gross, abominable, and manifest error, as it were to say that man have another kind of repentance than women have; princes than subjects; masters than servants; rich than poor—making God to be a respecter of persons: as though the prophets had not taught uprightly of repentance, and as though the repentance of the Ninevites was not upright and true; whence, at last would follow, that if we preached not repentance out of law, Christ was not under the law, whereas he was, for our sakes under the curse of the law.

—Martin Luther, Table Talk

Pulling It Together

“Faith comes from hearing and hearing from the word of God,” (Rom 10:17) but Ahab put his trust in feeling good. It was not because of walking a little further to a vegetable garden; he would have had a servant tend to that anyway. It was because he wanted something that belonged to another. He coveted (Exod 20:17) and because he could not legally have what he coveted, he whined and moaned.

Are you a whiner or a person of a faith who is unshakable despite life’s trials? The former comes to ruin and brings many with him on the way. The latter comes to God through repentance and forgiveness, and has lasting joy with what he has been given by God’s grace.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reform: Devotions with the Reformers

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