Multiple Oneness

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Daily Reform, Psalm 8:1-9

From the Reformer

We do not separate the Holy Ghost from faith; neither do we teach that he is against faith; for he is the certainty itself in the world, that makes us sure and certain of the Word; so that, without all wavering or doubting, we certainly believe that it is even so and no otherwise than as God’s Word says and is delivered unto us. But the Holy Ghost is given to none without the Word.

—Martin Luther, Table Talk

Pulling It Together

The glory of the Father is incomplete without the Son and the Holy Spirit. God is not God alone. Without someone to love before creation, God would not have been love. That God is One, but Three, is at first peculiar, but then sensible and necessary. Nothing is more palatable to the believer’s spirit than the truth of the multiple Oneness of God. Without the doctrine of the Trinity, we do not fully comprehend the need for creation or even of salvation. God is mindful of us because caring for others is his eternal nature.

The Trinity, as impossible as it is to reason, makes sense of such matters. We believe in God’s multiple Oneness by certain faith, that the Spirit of God kindles and keeps alive.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reform: Devotions with the Reformers

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