At Home with God

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Daily Reformation, James 4:4-8

From the Reformer

Who then can comprehend the riches and glory of the Christian life? It can do all things, has all things, and is in want of nothing; is lord over sin, death, and hell, and at the same time is the obedient and useful servant of all. But alas! it is at this day unknown throughout the world; it is neither preached nor sought after, so that we are quite ignorant about our own name, why we are and are called Christians. We are certainly called so from Christ, who is not absent, but dwells among us, provided, that is, that we believe in Him, and are reciprocally and mutually one the Christ of the other, doing to our neighbour as Christ does to us.

—Martin Luther, First Principles of the Reformation

Pulling It Together

No one wants to live in a house that does not feel like a home. God also desires a dwelling that feels like home. A house begins to feel like home when it is appointed with pleasing amenities. But what is pleasing to God? What would make his dwelling attractive? If God may be considered a decorator, one easily sees that home improvements are in order. Listen; God will tell you what needs remodeled in his house in order to make it more of a home.

Further, God provides grace that is more than adequate to meet his demands. Augustine teaches us about this: “God gives what he demands.” When we have offended, God provides the mercy that allows a responsive remedy. When we are so weak that we think we cannot act, he provides his own strength. He will provide everything necessary to make his house a home—and to make you at home with him.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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