The Great Schemer

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Daily Reformation, Revelation 7:9-17

From the Reformer

The scheme had been wisely arranged in Worms by the Elector Frederick, whom Aleander calls “the fox of Saxony.” He wavered between attachment to the old faith and inclination to the new. He could not be sure of Luther’s safety beyond the term of three weeks when the Emperor’s safe-conduct expired; he did not wish to disobey the Emperor, nor, on the other hand, to sacrifice the reformer, his own subject, and the pride of his university. He therefore deemed it best to withdraw him for a season from the public eye. Melanchthon characterizes him truly when he says of Frederick: “He was not one of those who would stifle changes in their very birth. He was subject to the will of God. He read the writings which were put forth, and would not permit any power to crush what he believed to be true.”

—Philip Schaff, History of the Christian Church

Pulling It Together

God, too, has a grand scheme to rescue his saints from the clutches of evil, while at the same time advancing his kingdom. Our task is to be receptive to the will of this Great Schemer. John and Martin both must have been dumbfounded at the changed climate in which they found themselves. John found himself whisked away in the Spirit from exile into the midst of a teeming flock adoring the Lamb. He devoted himself to writing about the experience for the benefit of the kingdom.

Martin discovered that he had been conveyed from ambush to a place where he could be put to best use in the kingdom, translating the Bible into German. He spent his time well and soon there were hundreds of thousands of German Bibles in the hands of the people. This led to the same thing happening in England with Tyndale’s English Bible. God always has his plan and it is our job to embrace it and revel with the Great Schemer.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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