The Lifted Chin

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Daily Reformation, John 21:1-19

From the Reformer

Yet it was no small proof of patience and perseverance, that, though they had labored unsuccessfully during the whole night, they continue their toil after the return of daylight. And, indeed, if we wish to allow an opportunity for the blessing of God to descend on us, we ought constantly to expect it; for nothing can be more unreasonable than to withdraw the hand immediately from labor, if it does not give promise of success.

—John Calvin, Commentary on John

Pulling It Together

Faith says, “Try again.” The faithful always expect something more of God and know God expects more of them. He expects of faithful people, as you might imagine, more faith. And so, faith urges you to try again. When you have been knocked down and are bone-tired and soul-tired, faith says, this time, depend upon the Master’s Word more than your own industry; throw out your nets once again. He will give you reason to lift your chin in thanks.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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