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Daily Reformation, Psalm 63:1-8

From the Reformer

Paul in terming the Gospel a “ministration of the spirit” would call attention to its power to produce in the hearts of men an effect wholly different from that of the Law: it is accompanied by the Holy Spirit and it creates a new heart. Man, driven into fear and anxiety by the preaching of the Law, hears this Gospel message, which, instead of reminding him of God’s demands, tells him what God has done for him. It points not to man’s works, but to the works of Christ, and bids him confidently believe that for the sake of his Son God will forgive his sins and accept him as his child. And this message, when received in faith, immediately cheers and comforts the heart. The heart will no longer flee from God; rather it turns to him.

—Martin Luther, Assorted Sermons “The Twofold Use of the Law and Gospel”

Pulling It Together

The harder you work, the thirstier you get; so drink. The longer you labor, the wearier become; so rest. The more legal you act, the more condemned you are; so receive gracious pardon from the only One who is able and willing to provide. God offers pardon to the one who should be condemned. Accept.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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