The Dumb Pastor

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Daily Reformation, Psalm 1:1-6

From the Reformer

And forgive our guilt, as we forgive those guilty of sinning against us. (Matthew 6:12)

Q: What does this mean?

A: We pray in this request that our Heavenly Father will neither pay attention to our sins nor refuse requests such as these because of our sins and because we are neither worthy nor deserve the things for which we pray. Yet He wants to give them all to us by His grace, because many times each day we sin and truly deserve only punishment. Because God does this, we will, of course, want to forgive from our hearts and willingly do good to those who sin against us.

Luther’s Little Instruction Book

Pulling It Together

The pastor was disenchanted with the drove the Lord had entrusted to him. There were some who loved him and supported his efforts and there were some who seemed to oppose his every move. If he understood that he deserved far worse than what he was receiving, he would be in a better position to be that humble donkey that Augustine says must simply bear the Christ.

Was the pastor himself not one of those who rejected the Lord—though he loved him? First one cries “Hallelujah,” waving palm branches, and then he cheers the whip.

Yet the gospel proclaims that where great judgment is demanded, abundant grace is offered. If not you, who will be there to carry Christ’s grace to the other dumb donkeys?

Delight in the Lord—not in what you mistakenly think you deserve.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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