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Daily Reform, Matthew 24:37-44

From the Reformer

Nothing is more sure than this: he that does not take hold on Christ by faith, and comfort himself herein, that Christ is made a curse for him, remains under the curse. The more we labor by works to obtain grace, the less we know how to take hold on Christ; for where he is not known and comprehended by faith, there is not to be expected either advice, help, or comfort, though we torment ourselves to death.

—Martin Luther, Table Talk

Pulling It Together

Faith enables one to expect the improbable, the incredible, and therefore, the unexpected. Faith reassures the disillusioned, cheers the brokenhearted, and creates hope in discouraging and even desperate situations. But it must be the right kind of faith if hope is to not be disappointed. Faith in employment is lost with a pink slip. Best friends seldom last; faith in others will too often disappoint. The belief that you are that one talent that will make it big on “American Idol” is dubious at best, As so many sad performers discover, faith in yourself will get you just so far. Faith in youth and strong health fails. Yet faith in Jesus will get you through even that most unexpected event, that paradoxically, you know is coming.

Judgment is coming at a time you do not expect. You must be ready for for that coming day. Readiness does not require hard work, good friends, talent, or health. Death will rob you of all these. The Lord, the Giver of Life has provided the way. Jesus suffered the curse of death for you. Have faith in his death and resurrection. You may rely on him, even in the day of death. He has been and remains faithful.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reform: Devotions with the Reformers

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