Faith Casting

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Daily Reformation, Matthew 17:24-27

From the Reformer

“Throw a hook.” Though I acknowledge that Christ had not always full coffers, yet I think that he was not compelled by poverty to give this order to Peter, but that he did so in order to prove by a miracle, that he had a more extensive dominion than all earthly kings, since he had even fishes for his tributaries. And we do not read that this was done more than once, because one proof was enough for his whole life.

—John Calvin, Harmony of the Evangelists

Pulling It Together

The Lord sends Peter on what looks like a fool’s errand. “Go to the sea” for the tax payment. Today, we might answer, “Shouldn’t I go to the bank or at very least pay with a credit card and worry about the funds later?” Yet Jesus says, in effect, go to the fish market and when you have carried the fish home, look inside its mouth for the money. Such “foolishness” first demands a step of faith—”cast a hook.”

Cast your faith to the waves. Expect the unexpected. From his expansive depths, God will meet your need.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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