The Risk of the Rock

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Daily Reformation, Psalm 71:1-6

From the Reformer

For we must for the holy Name of God risk and give up all that we have and can do, and show by our deeds that we love God and His Name, His honor and His praise above all things, and trust Him above all things, and expect good from Him; thereby confessing that we regard Him as the highest good, for the sake of which we let go and give up all other goods.

—Martin Luther, A Treatise on Good Works

Pulling It Together

To what do you cling? The past—the memory of it and the way you think things should still be? Do you hug your employment or some friendship? Are you clutching at a lifestyle? Or are you taking the risk of the Rock? Is Christ truly the “dearest and best”?

The one who calls Christ her only sure Rock of refuge and righteousness, takes the risk of a higher call and a holier life. Lean on him, forsaking all other securities and discover that your conviction was true and his faithfulness truer still.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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