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Daily Reformation, Ezekiel 31:2-3, 9-11

From the Reformer

“I shall not creep on the ground, but will be constrained to mount aloft. Hence I am afraid, lest the height of my gifts should hurry me on, so as to lead me to forget myself.” And certainly, if Paul had gloried ambitiously, he would have fallen headlong from a lofty eminence; for it is humility alone, that can give stability to our greatness in the sight of God.

—John Calvin, Commentary on Corinthians (2Cor 12:1)

Pulling It Together

She concentrated on her image in the mirror, applying more and more eyeliner, lipstick, and shadow—but not enough blush. She had become engrossed in her reflection and could not see herself as others soon would. What might have been beautiful had become gross and unnatural because her vision was filled with herself. She was exalted in her eyes—but her eyes alone.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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