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Daily Reformation, Psalm 19:1-14

From the Reformer

Our life is like the sailing of a ship; as the mariners in the ship have before them a haven towards which they direct their course, and where they will be secure from all danger, even so the promise of everlasting life is made unto us, that we therein, as in a safe haven, may rest calm and secure. But seeing our ship is weak, and the winds and waves beat upon us, as though they would overwhelm us, therefore we have need of a good and experienced pilot, who with his counsel and advice may rule and govern the vessel, that it run not on a rock, or utterly sink and go down. Such a pilot is our blessed Saviour Christ Jesus.

—Martin Luther, Table Talk

Pulling It Together

One may not suppose a ship will reach its desired destination simply because the ship moves. Without a skillful captain, it may not even know what the destination is, let alone where it is at a given moment. There are a great many errors and terrors on the sea of life. Without the guidance of an expert seaman, one would be thoroughly lost. Many are the stories of those who have ignored the counsel of their captain, taken the ship by mutiny, capsized or wrecked, and sunk into the abyss. The counsel to turn here or to let down the anchor in a storm or let out the sails and run with the wind may seem costly or frightening or daring but to do otherwise is simply mutiny and disastrous without the aid of forgiveness and grace. The destination is set, the Captain is the Way, and his testimony is sure. One must follow him despite the crashing wave.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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