The Change of Life

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Daily Reformation, James 1:17-27

From the Reformer

He concludes by saying how the word of life is to be received. And first, indeed, he intimates that it cannot be rightly received except it be implanted, or strike roots in us. For the expression, to receive the implanted word, ought to be thus explained, “to receive it, that it may be really implanted.” For he alludes to seed often sown on and ground, and not received into the moist bosom of the earth; or to plants, which being cast on the ground, or laid on dead wood, soon wither. He then requires that it should be a living implanting, by which the word becomes as it were united with our heart.

—John Calvin, Commentaries on the Catholic Epistles

Pulling It Together

Jesus would lend his fairness to you. For this to occur, the word of the Lord must be implanted in you, grafting to who you are, uniting with your heart. In so doing, your affections are turned and you change into who God would have you to be. In fact, you begin to take on a family resemblance. You become fairer than you once were. You care for orphans and widows and change your language and habits. You do so, not because you want to be good but, because you want to please the love of your life. Receive the gift of his word again today; receive that word of life. Receive the very heart of him who is fair and so, become fair-hearted yourself.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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