King of Earth and Heaven

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Daily Reformation, Psalm 45:1-2, 6-9

From the Reformer

“My heart is boiling over with a good matter.” This preface shows sufficiently that the subject of the psalm is no common one; for whoever the author of it may have been, he here intimates, at the very outset, that he will treat of great and glorious things. The Holy Spirit is not accustomed to inspire the servants of God to utter great swelling words and to pour forth empty sounds into the air; and, therefore, we may naturally conclude, that the subject here treated of is not merely a transitory and earthly kingdom, but something more excellent. Were not this the case, what end would it serve to announce, as the prophet does in such a magnificent style, that his heart was boiling over, from his ardent desire to be employed in rehearsing the praises of the king?

—John Calvin, Commentary on Psalms

Pulling It Together

This is not an easy Psalm. The subject of its praises is constant but seems to bounce back and forth from the human to the divine. Yet, what if the human king and the divine king are one King?

Who inspires more than all rulers? Who is higher still than kings and presidents? Who is the King of kings and the Lord of lords? It is he who deserves not just your praises but a heart overflowing, boiling over, and bursting with worship.

Since the details of the day may sidetrack such praise, set aside time right now for the Holy Spirit to inspire you to worship the one who is, at once, King of earth and heaven.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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