Wake Up

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Daily Reformation, Psalm 57:1-11

From the Reformer

Erhalt uns, Herr, bei deinem Wort

Lord, keep us steadfast in Thy word;
Curb those who fain by craft or sword
Would wrest the kingdom from Thy Son,
And set at nought all He hath done.

Lord Jesu Christ, Thy power make known,
For Thou art Lord of lords alone;
Defend Thy Christendom, that we
May evermore sing praise to Thee.

O Comforter, of priceless worth,
Send peace and unity on earth,
Support us in our final strife,
And lead us out of death to life.

—Martin Luther, 1542

Pulling It Together

“Oh, boy!” He said it, intending humor, but it was often said in the face of trouble. It was his way of both lightening the moment for himself as well as those within earshot. The Psalmist’s approach is similar. While he does not, so much as we can know, deploy humor, he does call upon a different response to trouble than is natural. “Sing!” “Wake up!” he demands. Don’t sleep in; that is the lazy and spiritless man’s reaction to depression. Instead, do what is not natural and get up before the sun rises. Get your day in order before it starts by getting your attention off of yourself and on the one who is strong for you. Act like you are able even when you feel weak, and you will find God being your strong arm and refuge in times of need. God is a far finer refuge than sheets and pillow.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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