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Daily Reformation, Romans 5:1-5

From the Reformer

JOHN THE STEADFAST: Elector of Saxony 1525-32, brother of Frederick the Wise (q.v.); b. at Meissen (15 m. n.w. of Dresden) June 30, 1468; d. at Schweinitz (54 m. n.e. of Merseburg) Aug. 16, 1532. He received a scholarly education, was trained in the arts of knighthood, and is said to have distinguished himself in the struggle against the Turks. Luther’s writings soon won his heart, and he followed the development of the reformatory movement with ever increasing interest. It was he who, in the absence of the elector, omitted to publish the bull directed against Luther. In his letters to his brother he warmly recommended Luther and admonished the cautious elector to adopt more decidedly the reformer’s cause and to influence other princes in the same direction. His influence decided Frederick to protect Luther in the Wartburg. During the printing of his New Testament, Luther sent John the single sheets, and thenceforth he read the Bible daily.

—Philip Schaff, The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge

Pulling It Together

God does not leave you alone in your struggles to live up to being created in his image. He gave you his example, his Spirit, and his Word. Beyond this, he lends you friends who stand with you in the struggle. God does everything but stand for you. And where it counts most, he has done even that, standing as substitute for the life you owed him.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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