Strength in the Wave

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Daily Reformation, Job 38:1-11

From the Reformer

Job had many tribulations; he was also plagued of his friends, who fiercely assaulted him. The text says, that his friends fell upon him, and were full of wrath against him; they tormented him thoroughly, but he held his peace, suffered them to talk their talk, as if he should say, you know not what you prate about. Job is an example of God’s goodness and mercy; for how upright and holy soever he was, yet he sorely fell into temptation; but he was not forsaken, he was again delivered and redeemed through God’s grace and mercy.

—Martin Luther, Table Talk, “Of the Patriarchs and Prophets”

Pulling It Together

Sometimes the strength God lends his children is the power to control their tongues. The tongue (James 3:6) can be a hellfire, scorching everything in its path. It can be a flapping rudder that pitches you this way and that in the waves of life. But if controlled—if held steady—small as it is, the still tongue slices like a rudder (James 3:4-5) through the waves that would normally upset you. Even when counselors, friends and enemies alike, have left you their counsel—and then left you—God will still be with you, lending more than counsel. God gives strength in the wave. Ride it out with him and you will find calm water on the other side.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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