The Fixed Point

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Daily Reformation, Ephesians 4:1-16

From the Reformer

The passage, as thus explained, bears strongly against every innovation in the faith, in the doctrine of the Gospel, Christ its teacher being ever the same. There are to be no strange or new doctrines; for such is the meaning of strange here, that is, what is alien to the Gospel, and therefore new. And what are all the additions which have been made by the fathers, and especially by the Church of Rome, but various doctrines, foreign to the Gospel, which ever continues the same? Their variety is as great as their novelty. Christ was, is, and will ever be the same as teacher, mediator, and Savior; hence the faith, once delivered to the saints, must continue unchangeably the same.

—John Calvin, Commentary on Hebrews

Pulling It Together

This life is a reform of your mind; it is not a remaking of truth to fit your troubled wits. Your direction is what must change. Turn the boat and set your prow to a shore farther than self. Do not fear the course change since that far shore is Christ himself. Fix your eyes upon him and do not waver. No doubt the winds will blow; waves will toss; the heavens will darken. Yet fix your eyes on Christ—not the wind, not the water, not the sky—and the elements will seem as the calm to your peace filled spirit. Test this and see if it is true: when you are troubled, your eyes have wandered from the Shore. Yet the Way is steady, remaining a fixed point, guiding you to his peace on the sea of life, always guiding you home.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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