The Plan

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Daily Reformation, Psalm 89:20-37

From the Reformer

[One]…confides in him as his guardian and protector, and casts himself entirely upon his faithfulness—perceiving him to be the source of every blessing, if he is in any strait or feels any want, he instantly recurs to his protection and trusts to his aid—persuaded that he is good and merciful, he reclines upon him with sure confidence, and doubts not that, in the divine clemency, a remedy will be provided for his every time of need…

—John Calvin, The Institutes

Pulling It Together

The college students stood just outside of the dining hall, passing out Christian literature and telling other students that, “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life.” This is true but often misconstrued into, “God will give me what I plan for my life.”

Never fear; God has a plan. Yet, do not mislead yourself; it is often not the thing you have in mind. Of course, this is a very good thing, for if God was simply in the business of giving you whatever whim was on your mind this month, yours would be a schizophrenic world indeed. “No fair!” you respond. “It isn’t a whim; it’s a real need or desire.”

How constant are you? Will this “desire” be there months from now? Is this desire God’s will or simply your own? Who knows best what is good for you: the one who changes with the season or the One who never changes? God does indeed have a wonderful plan for your life. Thank God that his plan exceeds your own and trust him to fulfill his will for your life. Wait with him. He will do it when it is time.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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