Grounded Faith

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Daily Reformation, Luke 12:35-40

From the Reformer

Only the righteousness of faith teaches us how to apprehend God—how to confidently console ourselves with his grace and await a future life, expecting to approach Christ in the resurrection. By “approaching” him we mean to meet him in death and at the judgment day without terror, not fleeing but gladly drawing near and hailing him with joy as one waited for with intense longing.

Now, the righteousness of the Law cannot effect such confidence of mind. Hence, for me it avails nothing before God; rather it is a detriment. What does avail is God’s imputation of righteousness for Christ’s sake, through faith. God declares to us in his Word that the believer in his Son shall, for Christ’s own sake, have God’s grace and eternal life. He who knows this is able to wait in hope for the last day, having no fear, no disposition to flee.

—Martin Luther, Assorted Sermons, “Enemies of the Cross of Christ”

Pulling It Together

The Didache teaches one to “be watchful for your life; let your lamps not be quenched and your loins not ungirded, but be ye ready; for ye know not the hour in which our Lord cometh. And ye shall gather yourselves together frequently, seeking what is fitting for your souls.” (16:2-4, Lightfoot) For those who trust in Christ alone, it is less a matter of searching and more a matter of waiting. When one has sought the truth and been found by him, one then confidently waits with him, ready for that glorious day. You may still seek the kingdom and righteousness (Mt 6:33) but will always find he is both. Your faith must remain grounded there with him, waiting expectantly with all grace.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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