Powerful Mercy

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Daily Reformation, Mark 6:14-29

From the Reformer

30. By Christ’s birth the promises to mankind were consummated, and the forgiveness of sins, for which Christ had to be born, was openly made known.
31. The promises of the Old Testament are signs of the Christ to come and also of the promise of grace to be broadcast at some future time. The gospel, the very promise of grace, has already been made known.
32. Just as that man does not know God who knows only that he exists but does not know either his power or his mercy, so also that man does not believe who believes only that God exists but does not believe both in his power and his mercy.
33. He really believes, therefore, who, looking beyond the threats, believes the gospel also, who fixes his face on the mercy of God or on Christ, the pledge of divine mercy.

—Philip Melancthon, Loci Communes Theologici

Pulling It Together

Herod feared John but he did not fear God. This was his downfall. If he had feared God, he would have done God’s will instead of his own. He would have received mercy and freely given it too. Just so, John could not look to Herod for mercy. He could only look to God for both mercy and peace.

To whom do you look? If you wisely fear the threat of God’s judgment but also believe his promise of forgiveness, you receive his grace. Look beyond the threat and believe in the mercy of Christ.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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