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Daily Reformation, Mark 4:26-34

From the Reformer

By these parables Christ encourages his disciples not to be offended and turn back on account of the mean beginnings of the Gospel. We see how haughtily profane men despise the Gospel, and even turn it into ridicule, because the ministers by whom it is preached are men of slender reputation and of low rank; because it is not instantly received with applause by the whole world; and because the few disciples whom it does obtain are, for the most part, men of no weight or consideration, and belong to the common people. This leads weak minds to despair of its success, which they are apt to estimate from the manner of its commencement. On the contrary, the Lord opens his reign with a feeble and despicable commencement, for the express purpose, that his power may be more fully illustrated by its unexpected progress.

—John Calvin, Commentary on Matthew, Mark, Luke

Pulling It Together

The Lord is able to make a seed spring up overnight—and that is exactly what you want! Yet in most cases, he will take his time, providing just the right moisture and warmth, nurturing that seed which is you. You will spring up when his time is right. A seed waits patiently in the soil; it does not strain against a supposed confinement. When it germinates, does it not unfold its arms to the sun and receive its benefits? You cannot will your growth. Enjoy those graces and gifts that God gives you—as he gives them—and he will fulfill the promise within you.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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