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Daily ReformationActs 3:12-19

About the Reformer

…reproofs and rebukes fall without power, where the party rebuked can reply, “We do not deserve your censures, such warnings are not meant for us.” If you stand up in the pulpit and talk to sleepy churches, as I pretty frequently do, and speak very plainly, they often have the honesty to say, “There is a good deal of truth in what the man has said”: but if I speak to another church, which really is half asleep, but which thinks itself to be quite a model of diligence, then the rebuke glides off like oil down a slab of marble, and no result comes of it. Men are less likely to repent when they are in the middle passage between hot and cold, than if they were in the worst extremes of sin. If they were like Saul of Tarsus, enemies of God, they might be converted; but if, like Gamaliel, they are neither opposed nor favouring, they will probably remain as they are till they die. The gospel converts a sincerely superstitious Luther, but Erasmus, with his pliant spirit, flippant, and full of levity, remains unmoved. There is more hope of warning the cold than the lukewarm.

—Charles H. Spurgeon, Sermons, “An Earnest Warning about Lukewarmness”

Pulling It Together

“Our church is great! Man, you can’t believe how many people come here and all of the stuff there is to do.” God would do even more but sometimes there is such busyness and doing of things and enjoying the fellowship’s prosperity that the God who would do more is missed. The Faith is not about a God who would do more to build up the program of the church or expand its walls. He would sooner make you larger! You are the one who needs to change and grow in the Spirit. Oh, how he would enlarge you! Do you agree that you need expanding?

Or are you lukewarmly, sleepily mumbling that all is well? Then very likely God will do nothing more with you.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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