Great Grace!

Daily Reformation, Acts 4:32-35

About the Reformer

Let us labour to make a right use of our baptism. Let us use it as a shield against temptations. Satan, I have given up myself to God by a sacred vow in baptism; I am not my own, I am Christ’s; therefore I cannot yield to thy temptations, for I should break my oath of allegiance which I made to God in baptism. Luther tells us of a pious woman, who, when the devil tempted her to sin, answered, Satan, baptizata sum, ‘I am baptised;’ and so beat back the tempter.

—Thomas Watson, The Ten Commandments

Pulling It Together

Do you walk by faith or by sight? When the tempter comes, do you give in or do you remember who has called you to greater glory? What happened that day Christ called and you answered? Were you not made a new creature? That was your belief, based on the promise of God—so act on your belief and not your “sight.” You feel tempted and the temptation is strong; it feels as though the evil stands just before you, almost visible. Yet greater is he who is within you than he who stands before you, tempting your eyes. (1 John 4:4) Remember that you are baptized into Christ; act like you believe it; walk by faith and not by sight. The grace that is upon you is greater than the evil in the world.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers


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