Real Healing

“St. Peter And St. John Healing The Cripple,” Albrecht Durer

Daily Reformation, Mark 10:46-52

From the Reformer

“Thy faith hath saved thee.” By the word faith is meant not only a confident hope of recovering sight, but a loftier conviction, which was, that this blind man had acknowledged Jesus to be the Messiah whom God had promised. Nor must we imagine that it was only some confused knowledge; for we have already seen that this confession was taken from the Law and the Prophets. For the blind man did not at random bestow on Christ the name of Son of David, but embraced him as that person whose coming he had been taught by the divine predictions to expect. Now Christ attributes it to faith that the blind man received sight; for, though the power and grace of God sometimes extend even to unbelievers, yet no man enjoys His benefits in a right and profitable manner, unless he receive them by faith; nay, the use of the gifts of God is so far from being advantageous to unbelievers, that it is even hurtful. And therefore, when Christ says, thy faith hath saved thee, the word saved is not limited to an outward cure, but includes also the health and safety of the soul; as if Christ had said, that by faith the blind man obtained that God was gracious to him, and granted his wish. And if it was in regard to faith that God bestowed his favor on the blind man, it follows that he was justified by faith.

—John Calvin, Commentary on Matthew, Mark, Luke

Pulling It Together

“Make my daughter well again and I will believe in you.” Who is God in this scenario? God is always God but when one dictates the terms of belief, giving God the ultimatum of heal her or else, he is attempting to usurp the authority of God. My will be done! Better to say, I will believe whether you heal my daughter or not.

A faithful daughter lies in Hospice care this very hour while her family sits and prays and waits. The ironic thing is that their faith is not lessened by their grief or their silent desire. They did not come to God, dictating her healing. Rather, because they believe, they will all be healed.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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