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Daily Reformation, Hebrews 5:5-10

About the Reformer

At his first departing out of the realm [Tyndale] took his journey into Germany, where he had conference with Luther and other learned men; after he had continued there a certain season he came down into the Netherlands, and had his most abiding in the town of Antwerp.

The godly books of Tyndale, and especially the New Testament of his translation, after that they began to come into men’s hands, and to spread abroad, wrought great and singular profit to the godly; but the ungodly (envying and disdaining that the people should be anything wiser than they and, fearing lest by the shining beams of truth, their works of darkness should be discerned) began to stir with no small ado.

At what time Tyndale had translated Deuteronomy, minding to print the same at Hamburg, he sailed thitherward; upon the coast of Holland he suffered shipwreck, by which he lost all his books, writings, and copies, his money and his time, and so was compelled to begin all again. He came in another ship to Hamburg, where, at his appointment, Master Coverdale tarried for him, and helped him in the translating of the whole five books of Moses, from Easter until December, in the house of a worshipful widow, Mistress Margaret Van Emmerson, A.D. 1529; a great sweating sickness being at the same time in the town. So, having dispatched his business at Hamburg, he returned to Antwerp.

—John Foxe, Foxe’s Book of Martyrs

Pulling It Together

What work does God have in mind for you? Have you been turned back from it because of illness, financial loss, frustration, or tragedy? Begin anew! You see these setbacks as defeats. Is it possible that they are not. Perhaps they are God’s way of bringing about an even greater work in you. Begin anew to do that thing God called you to do for him. Be obedient to his call; whatever befalls your attempts, press on as a faithful servant would do.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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