The Snake Handler

Daily Reformation, John 3:14-21

About the Reformer

Men are lost because “they will not have life.” Luther says: “No man shall die in his sins, except him who, through unbelief, thrusts from him the forgiveness of sin, which, in the name of Jesus Christ, is offered to him. This is the real sin that contains all others. For if the word of Christ was received, every sin would be forgiven and remitted, but since men will not receive it this constitutes a sin which is not to be forgiven.”

—B. W. Johnson, NT Commentary (Jn 15:23)

Pulling It Together

The Snake Handler has provided the way for you to be spared the judgment that awaits the world. Even as the brazen serpent was lifted up on a standard in the wilderness, Jesus was lifted up on the cross in the human wasteland. All eyes that turn to him in faith, will see forgiveness, redemption, and eternal light. His bold act on Calvary handled the wily serpent of old and has handed you mercy, love, and everlasting joy.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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