You Snake!

Daily Reformation, Exodus 7:7-16

From the Reformer

This, then, was the object of the miracle, that there was no occasion for mighty armies, since Pharaoh would tremble at the sight of the simple rod; and that the rod need not be wielded and violently agitated, because it would inspire sufficient terror by its own movement and agitation. The one part of the miracle, where the rod returned to its former shape, was intended to shew Moses, that what was to be hostile and injurious to his enemy, would be an assistance and safeguard to himself. Therefore, the same rod which encouraged and emboldened Moses, depressed and overwhelmed his foe.

—John Calvin, Harmony of the Law

Pulling It Together

What is it that terrifies you about sharing God’s message? Are you waiting for an army of helpers before you proclaim the good news? No need! There is a snake that God would use. Will you let him? The snake is you. God would use you to “terrify Pharaoh,” to get the Gospel into our culture, but will only do it if you are not terrified of the snake. Most, like Moses was, are more concerned with the harm they might do instead of inspired by the good God would accomplish through them. Which are you?

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reformation: Devotions with the Reformers

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