The Unveiled God

Daily Reform, Mark 9:2-9

From the Reformer

His transfiguration did not altogether enable his disciples to see Christ, as he now is in heaven, but gave them a taste of his boundless glory, such as they were able to comprehend. Then his face shone as the sun; but now he is far beyond the sun in brightness. In his raiment an unusual and dazzling whiteness appeared; but now without raiment a divine majesty shines in his whole body. Thus in ancient times God appeared to the holy fathers, not as He was in Himself, but so far as they could endure the rays of His infinite brightness; for John declares that not until “they are like him will they see him as he is” (1Jn 3:2)

—John Calvin, Commentary on Matthew, Mark, and Luke (Mt 17:2)

Pulling It Together

Moses longed to see God face-to-face. Oh, the grace given to those disciples, who never quite understood what gift they had been given. God gave them a hint of his Son’s past and future glory by showing those disciples as much majesty as they might comprehend. It was enough; it sustained Apostolic ministries that changed the world.

There was a time when the Holy Spirit disclosed God to you in a way that was meant to change you for good. That unveiling of God to you in the Word or in your heart or mind was meant to sustain a ministry that would change your world. Does the light still shine?

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reform: Devotions with the Reformers

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