Trust Issues

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Daily Reform, Psalm 41:1-13

From the Reformer

David, while he was severely afflicted by the hand of God, perceived that he was unjustly blamed by men who regarded him as one who had already been condemned and devoted to eternal destruction. Under this trial he fortifies himself by the consolation of hope. At the same time, he complains partly of the cruelty, and partly of the treachery, of his enemies. And although he recognizes the affliction with which he is visited as a just punishment of his sins, yet he charges his enemies with cruelty and malice, inasmuch as they troubled and afflicted one who had always endeavored to do them good. Finally, he records an expression of his gratitude and joy, because he had been preserved by the grace of God.

—John Calvin, Commentary on Psalms

Pulling It Together

Her friend had visited her in her trial but she was angry and would not talk to him about her problems. Later, when she was still angry, long past the time she should have been, she simply shifted the focus of her anger. Now she was angry with her old friend for not helping her when she needed him. It did not make sense to him but she had to be angry with something, with someone. So this was the best he could do for her: be the object of her anger instead of her friendliness.

It happens often in the workplace and often enough in church. Trusted co-workers, friends, and even siblings in Christ turn on you. What then? If you can’t trust them, who can you trust? You know the answer to that question. God is ever present with merciful grace and pardon. He is your trusted Friend when there seem to be nothing but enemies of your body and soul.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reform: Devotions with the Reformers

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