The Truth

Pilate washing his hands

Daily Reform, Day 203

Galatians 2:21 & John 18:33-38

From the Reformer

Paul incriminates the Galatians in worse failure. “You are so bewitched that you no longer obey the truth. I fear many of you have strayed so far that you will never return to the truth.”

—Martin Luther, Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians

Pulling It Together

“What is the truth?” Pilate asked that very question of Jesus but does not wait around for the answer. A few chapters earlier, Jesus explained the truth to Thomas. He said, “I am the truth.” (John 14:6) A few chapters earlier still, Jesus said that truth sets people free. (John 8:32) Of course, Jesus is not talking politics or ideology or religion. He is talking about a person who came to set people free through a basic understanding of himself. Let us change one word in Pilate’s question: Who is truth? Truth is God become human in order to set enslaved people free—free from rules, devil, sin, and self. To know the Truth is to be free. To suddenly augment this freedom with a list of rules that must also be followed makes it immediately and obviously a kind of bondage. To believe anything to be liberating but Christ is to believe a lie. You cannot believe the Truth if you believe lies.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reform: Devotions with the Reformers

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