Daily Reform, Mark 1:40-45

From the Reformer

It was a striking display of the divine power of Christ, that, by his word alone and a touch of his hand, he suddenly cleansed the man’s leprosy. Now, though leprosy was a different kind of disease from elephantiasis, it is plain enough that it was difficult to cure. When it had continued long and become deeply seated, it rarely happened that any person recovered. Granting that physicians might, by their professional skill, have given some relief, it is manifest that there was nothing human about this miracle.

—John Calvin, Harmony of the Gospels

Pulling It Together

She claimed to have been filled with the Holy Spirit, spoken in tongues, been healed of a variety of diseases, and healed many herself. A direct line was open between herself and God—or so she said. Yet she did not do the things he told her to do. Gossip, malicious attempts to disrupt the unity of the church, and frequent sleeping in on Sunday mornings plagued her life, her pastor’s life, and the life of her church and family. Some of the result was one son who was a heroin addict and another who was working on yet another marriage. Perhaps a less obvious result was a vacuous relationship with the One she claimed to know so well.

Many people may have been touched physically by Jesus but do not let him into their hearts. They get well in body but through disobedience to his words may suffer more than if they had stayed ill.

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