The Death of Death

Daily Reform, Day 158

Galatians 2:19 & Habbakuk 2:1-4

From the Reformer

Oh, the sweet names of Jesus! He is called my law against the Law, my sin against sin, my death against death. Translated, it means that He is my righteousness, my life, my everlasting salvation. For this reason was He made the law of the Law, the sin of sin, the death of death, that He might redeem me from the curse of the Law. He permitted the Law to accuse Him, sin to condemn Him, and death to take Him, to abolish the Law, to condemn sin, and to destroy death for me.

—Martin Luther, Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians

Pulling It Together

Jesus became sin for us and when he died, sin died. Jesus is the death of the law and therefore, sin, and therefore, death. But how can we believe this, since it is not our experience? We do not see that sin and death are dead, since we sin every day. One must believe in faith that Jesus has vanquished sin and death—no matter what is seen or experienced. God does not lie. The cross is true. Death is dead.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reform: Devotions with the Reformers

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