Life and Peace

Daily Reform, Day 151

Galatians 2:19 & Colossians 1:9-14

From the Reformer

“I have nothing to do with the Law,” cries Paul. He could not have uttered anything more devastating to the prestige of the Law. He declares that he does not care for the Law, that he does not intend ever to be justified by the Law.

—Martin Luther, Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians

Pulling It Together

God has transferred our citizenship from a place of law to the land of life. (Col 1:13; Phil 3:20) We are citizens of heaven and are dead to the Law if we continue to live by faith instead of by trusting the Law for righteousness. (Col 1:23) To live this earthly life means to be bound by the laws of earth. To live in eternity means being freed from the laws of earthly life. The heavenly life is not one of death and law but of life and peace. We live here on earth but if we are in Christ we are already living in eternal life, at peace because we are bound by the rule of heaven.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reform: Devotions with the Reformers

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