Sharing the Glory

Psalm 147:1-11, 20c

From the Reformer

As it is written, How beautiful, etc. We are to apply this testimony to our present subject in this manner, The Lord, when he gave hope of deliverance to his people, commended the advent of those who brought the glad tidings of peace, by a remarkable eulogy; by this very circumstance he has made it evident that the apostolic ministry was to be held in no less esteem, by which the message of eternal life is brought to us. And it hence follows, that it is from God, since there is nothing in the world that is an object of desire and worthy of praise, which does not proceed from his hand.

But hence we also learn how much ought all good men to desire, and how much they ought to value the preaching of the gospel, which is thus commended to us by the mouth of the Lord himself. Nor is there indeed a doubt, but that God has thus highly spoken of the incomparable value of this treasure, for the purpose of awakening the minds of all, so that they may anxiously desire it. Take feet, by metonymy, for coming.

—John Calvin, Commentary on Romans (10:15)

Pulling It Together

The tall man stepped up to the parked car in Cliff Park and stuck his head partially in the open window of the smoke-filled vehicle. The young man’s red eyes contrasted with the white hair of his visitor. “Are you God?” he asked. The hoary-headed angel shook his head with a smile and then proceeded to share with him a little of glory of the one who had sent him.

How shall they know about God unless you share his glory? Someone this day awaits the good news. May they hear it from you.

© Mark E. Ryman, Daily Reform: Devotions with the Reformers

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