God Still Loves You, Daily Reform, Day 17

Galatians 1:1-5 & Romans 6:5-11

From the Reformer

St. Paul also presents a true picture of Christ as the virgin-born Son of God, delivered into death for our sins. To entertain a true conception of Christ is important, for the devil describes Christ as an exacting and cruel judge who condemns and punishes men. Tell him that his definition of Christ is wrong, that Christ has given Himself for our sins, that by His sacrifice He has taken away the sins of the whole world.

—Martin Luther, Commentary on the Epistle to the Galatians

Pulling It Together

Luther’s early dread of God is not so much different from anyone else’s fear of the divine. His was more acute, perhaps, but we all fear God as judge. Our consciences do this well enough for us. The conscience works for the Law to inform Christians of their need to do better. But the devil weighs in and tells us that we are so bad that God does not loves us anymore. Worse, he tells us we must work harder to please God. This we can never do; our works will never please God. If they could, if one could keep the Law, then Christ’s sacrifice is meaningless.

The very idea that God did for us what we could never do, if we think about it clearly, obliterates the devil’s lie. The cross is clear proof that God is not the dreadful judge but instead a loving Father. Keep your eyes on the cross and accept his gift each day. He gave his Son as sacrifice for even your sins. Your sins have been removed. Period. God still loves you. Do not let that devil tell you otherwise.

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