When Christ Calls

Mark 1:14-20

From the Reformer

The first thing that strikes us here is the power of Christ’s voice. Not that his voice alone makes so powerful an impression on the hearts of men: but those whom the Lord is pleased to lead and draw to himself, are inwardly addressed by his Spirit, that they may obey his voice. The second is, the commendation bestowed on the docility and ready obedience of his disciples, who prefer the call of Christ to all worldly affairs.

—John Calvin, Commentary on Matthew, Mark, and Luke

Pulling It Together

When Christ calls, do not go back to your work or worry about your family or give another moment to idle pleasure without him. Keep looking full in his face. Be drawn all the way in to that beatific smile. Let your heart be called and captivated by Christ; give in to him and give up the world. He is what your work, family, and hobby can never supply, yet by his presence he will make them richer and fuller than you imagined possible.

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