Keep Walking

1 Corinthians 6:12-20

From the Reformer

…it is unseemly and unlawful, that our body, which is consecrated to Christ, should be profaned by fornication, inasmuch as Christ himself has been raised up from the dead, that he might enter on the possession of the heavenly glory. The second is, that it is a base thing to prostitute our body to earthly pollutions, while it is destined to be a partaker along with Christ of a blessed immortality and of the heavenly glory. There is a similar statement in Co 3:1, “If we have risen with Christ,” etc., with this difference, that he speaks here of the last resurrection only, while in that passage he speaks of the first also, or in other words, of the grace of the Holy Spirit, by which we are fashioned again to a new life. As, however, the resurrection is a thing almost incredible (Ac 26:8) to the human mind, when the Scripture makes mention of it, it reminds us of the power of God, with the view of confirming our faith in it. (Mt 22:29)

—John Calvin, Commentary on Corinthians

Pulling It Together

There is no excuse for a wayward lifestyle but the powerful love of Christ will continue to draw you toward himself and right living—even when you have wandered off-course. On the journey, it is a good thing to remember you are found in him when it seems you have gotten lost on the way.

Nothing can separate you from the love of Christ. Nothing! In each situation of life—whether for good or ill—the believer must come back to this truth. You are “joined” to the Lord. You are “members of Christ,” “one flesh.” And so, one must give up the old ways for Christ. Yet when in this struggle, one falls down, it is good to be found in the presence of God’s mercy. Rise up. Struggle on. You will find you are found by one larger than yourself and closer than a spouse, who brings his grace to your disgrace. You can do this when you know you are bound not just to obedience, but to his love. Finding you are bound to this great love, you must and can rise and walk again when you have stumbled and fallen.

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