Found in Christ

2 Peter 3:13-14

From the Reformer

He justly reasons from hope to its effect, or the practice of a godly life; for hope is living and efficacious; therefore it cannot be but that it will attract us to itself. He, then, who waits for new heavens, must begin with renewal as to himself, and diligently aspire after it; but they who cleave to their own filth, think nothing, it is certain, of God’s kingdom, and have no taste for anything but for this corrupt world.

But we must notice that he says, that we ought to be found blameless by Christ; for by these words he intimates, that while the world engages and engrosses the minds of others, we must cast our eyes on the Lord, and he shews at the same time what is real integrity, even that which is approved by his judgment, and not that which gains the Praise of men.

The word peace seems to be taken for a quiet state of conscience, founded on hope and patient waiting. For as so few turn their attention to the judgment of Christ, hence it is, that while they are carried headlong by their importunate lusts, they are at the same time in a state of disquietude. This peace, then, is the quietness of a peaceable soul, which acquiesces in the word of God.

It may be asked, how any one can be found blameless by Christ, when we all labor under so many deficiencies. But Peter here only points out the mark at which the faithful ought all to aim, though they cannot reach it, until having put off their flesh they become wholly united to Christ.

—John Calvin, Commentary on the Catholic Epistles

Pulling It Together

Aspiring to heaven, you must be found by God and when he finds you, you must be perfectly righteous. A thoughtful person might think herself lost, for there is no chance she will be found holy, even in one of her better moments. The standard of holiness is God himself, not the things one does. No matter how hard one tries, he will always fall short.

The only hope is that when one is found by God, she is found in Christ. If you cast yourself in Christ and are covered by him, the Father will find his his own Son when he looks upon you. By all means, try to live a godly life but hope in Christ that you may be found in him and not your works of righteousness.

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