Step Out of the Shade

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Philippians 3:7-9

From the Reformer

…Paul renounced everything that he had, that he might recover them in Christ; and this corresponds better with the word gain, for it means that it was no trivial or ordinary gain, inasmuch as Christ contains everything in himself. And, unquestionably, we lose nothing when we come to Christ naked and stript of everything, for those things which we previously imagined, on false grounds, that we possessed, we then begin really to acquire. He, accordingly, shews more fully, how great the riches of Christ, because we obtain and find all things in him.

—John Calvin, Commentary on Philippians, Colossians, and Thessalonians

Pulling it Together

There you stand under the shade of your tree, minding your own business, not really looking for anything in particular. You are content or not content enough. You may wish things were better but recognize that “life” does not have that in store for you just now. In that sense, you are more or less content. But you still hope and strive for betterment; you dream of more shade.

Then you are found by him. He sees you from afar—though as yet you do not know it. Christ has found you and begins to call: “Follow me.” Do you hear him; do you follow where he calls; or are you content in that shade of your tree?

Stop trusting in your hopes and dreams and dare to be found in the One who is true riches and contentment. Give up the shade; venture out into the Light. Be found.

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